Monday, December 28, 2009

funny secrets.. haha

I have a lot of secrets.. some of it are pretty funny. lol..

there is some thing that my Friends don't know about me..
they think i'm the best among their friends, its because i'm a great pretender..
its not that i'm bad or what..
i just keep my feelings to them.

I have one friend.. She keep on telling her secrets to me..
and i keep on promising that i will never tell to anyone about that secrets,
and i do that actually. :)

But there's one thing she forgot to tell me~ this words "PRESERVE IT!"
haha.. that's why i tell her secrets to my BF*
i said: "don't tell her that i said it to you ah?"

after a days my conscience keep on etching my mind..

then i decided to open it to that friend of mine..
i said to her: "i have a friend, she shared her secrets to me.. then i also share it to my BF*
the reason is.. she don't even ask me to preserve it! am i wrong to my action or not?"

then she said: "NO ITS OKAY!! as long as my secrets still lock ah??" :)

--- haha! don't know why i can't control my tongue! :(


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